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Torah Study



Meets on

Wednesdays at 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET

About the Class

Torah Study is our foundational course led by Aki Yonekawa. Take this opportunity to learn, refresh, and deepen the skills of Torah study that will guide you in this class and beyond. Do it one parsha/Torah portion at a time.

Each class is meant for all levels of learners and thrives when we each bring our own unique experiences and voice to the zoom classroom. In partnered learning, you and one or two partners will dive into a piece of text, think about it, ask questions about it, and learn from one another. After hevruta/paired learning, we’ll come back together as a collective and have a lively, generative group discussion where we’ll find even more ways to connect with one another and the text.

Give yourself the gift of learning not only with an incredible community, but also in the ancient learning cycle of our people. This kind of learning only gets better with practice, and we’ve created this space exactly for this purpose.

  • April 3 - Shmini

  • April 10 - Tazria

  • April 17 - Metzora

  • May 8 - Kedoshim

  • May 15 - Emor

  • May 22 - Behar

  • May 29 - Bechukotai

  • June 5 - Bamidbar

  • June 19 - Behaalotcha

  • June 26 - Shlach


Your Teacher

Aki Yonekawa

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Aki Yonekawa (she/her) is a Jewish educator and lover of adventures, Jewish camp, nature, and French fries. She has worked in a variety of educational settings including schools (early childhood through high school,) camps, museums, and synagogues. Currently, she is a freelance educator, managing special programs, tutoring bmitzvah students, and working with young adults in leadership programs. A committed life-long student, she has learned at Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, SVARA, and Yashrut. Lately, she has also been taking drawing classes to support her new-found love of nature sketching.

She spends her summers as a faculty member at Brandeis Camp Institute, an immersive summer program for Jews in their 20s in Southern California. She lives in an attic in Cambridge, a long way from Los Angeles where she grew up.

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