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These are our community guidelines for building a safe and empowering community learning space that all our learners will agree to when they sign up for class. 

• I will respect everyone's background and Jewish practice. 

• I will use people's correct pronouns. 

• I will actively listen to everyone's ideas, even if I disagree personally. 

• I will be respectful and thoughtful in sharing my thoughts. 

• I will make space for others to share their ideas, especially in my partnered learning time. 

• I will respect my own voice and ideas, and try to participate in our discussion in the ways that are most comfortable to me.



Our main goal is making Torah accessible. That means we offer all our classes at three price points - $5, $10, or $15. You get the same thing no matter what you are able to pay at this moment. 

If our pricing is the barrier between you and learning Torah, whether just once or over time, email us, and we'll be happy to work something out with you. 


The Torah Studio believes that all persons are entitled to equal access opportunities. We do not discriminate based gender, disability, race, or religion. If you have an accessibility or accommodation request (including financial) please reach out to Liana Wertman at

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As someone in the process of converting to Judaism, I assumed that any kind of Torah study was off limits for my knowledge level. I was told about Torah Studio being accessible, and gave it a shot. As a queer, transgender person, I have rarely felt as comfortable and accepted in a classroom setting as I feel each week in Torah Studio. The students range from entry entry entry level, to literal rabbinical and yeshiva students, yet the classroom feels completely non-hierarchical. It is very clear that accessibility and engagement are central mandates. It is really incredible to live in Canada and study Torah with Jews from across North America. I keep going back each week and certainly recommend trying a class to anyone that is interested in studying Torah!


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The Torah Studio has been an incredible way for me to learn- both good Torah and good pedagogy!

As a rabbinical student, I am so often immersed in text learning that can feel a little dry and distant from my reality, and particularly from the realities of the people I’ll be spiritually and intellectually serving.

The Torah Studio’s learning opportunities are full of both deep Torah, fun and engaging learning practices, great connection and conversation, and applicability and relevance to my life! Learning with this group has been a blessing, and I’m grateful to Zoom in whenever I can.