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Psalms with Lexi

Journey into the emotional poetry of the Book of Psalms

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • From 5 US dollars

Class Details

Mondays @ 5pm PT/8pm ET April 1 - June 28 ● Online The psalms sing -- of wild nature, the pursuit of justice, of our all too human lives. Why do the wicked prosper? What is our place in the world? Who is God to us? In the face of these unanswerable questions, the Psalms respond with songs of the heart. If you're looking to find meaning and community in the hard times, this is your class. Each week we'll learn one psalm in Hevruta/Learning Partners. We will use the framework of poetic images to understand the text, and we'll use Shefa Gold's "shining line" to develop personal connection. Every class will also include time for private reflection and group discussion. Each class is meant for all levels of learners and thrives when we each bring our own unique experiences and voice to the Zoom classroom. We'll discover together if, over 2000 years later, Psalms can still make our hearts sing. Taught by Lexi Kohanski.


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