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This workshop is fully booked.

Online Only

Worlds To Come Fall Campaign

Learn Hebrew by roleplaying 2nd-century spellcasters. Six 3-hour sessions. For beginners only.

  • Starts Oct 15
  • 240 US dollars
  • Zoom

Game Description

Learn to read and write classical Hebrew like never before. The Book of Worlds To Come is a new tabletop roleplaying game designed by Director of Online Learning Lexi Kohanski, now in beta-testing. Explore a fantasy world inspired by Roman-occupied Judea/Palestine, as a group of mystical spellcasters travelling the Land to bring the World to Come. Play a post-Destruction Jew who has begun to uncover the magical powers of the Hebrew language. Discover the secret Kabbalistic meanings behind the Hebrew letters. Deepen your relationship to the sacred language of your tradition. Cast spells in Hebrew to heal the Land. Every session begins with a one-hour, in-character Hebrew lesson. As you improve your skills, your character grows in strength.

Campaign Sessions (check time zone)


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