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In 2018, Liana Wertman was working as a Jewish Teen Educator trying to learn as much Torah as she could. She read books, went to group Torah studies at synagogues, she even found a weekly Talmud class in English. She couldn't get enough! But where could she go to get more? 


Everyone told her she'd either have to go to move to a full time Yeshivah program or start Rabbinical school to get the learning she wanted. But she didn't want to be a Rabbi, and she liked living in Los Angeles. She dreamed of a Torah Study space that worked like a Yoga studio: drop in classes that were always happening, different levels, a variety of classes, a pick your own learning and skill building adventure. 

So she decided to build it herself.  

The Torah Studio is an accessible and empowering online Jewish learning center made for people who want to learn by people who want to learn. Whether you come every week, once a month, or just once in a while, the Torah Studio will help you develop your relationship with Torah and Jewish texts, as well as build skill and confidence that will go far beyond our classroom Zoom boxes. 

By teaching Torah learning as an ever developing skill, we meet you where you are and help you grow. Our classes are all levels, in English (Hebrew optional), and we give you everything you need when you get to class. Our Yoga Studio model allows you to commit your time as you are able, and we see ourselves as a safe space for you to continue developing your Torah practice. 

Each class series focuses on a different part of Jewish textual tradition. By attending a variety of different classes through the year, you can build your own learning adventure. Over time, you can learn any or all 5 books, a Megillah/Scroll, poetry, and more. 

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