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Torah Comix: The Workshop

Torah Comix: The Workshop

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Sinai–what was it like? What might it look like for you to stand at the site of sacred revelation? Rena Yehuda Newman (They/Them), Jewish comix artist and zine maker, invites us into Torah in a whole new way through Jewish comix art practices.


No drawing or writing experience required for this workshop. All you need to bring is a pen and paper–but you’ll walk away with your own original Torah comix and a brand new lens for encountering Torah.

In this workshop, we’ll be discussing Jewish storytelling and revelation, the relationship between Torah and image, and doing real-time writing and drawing activities, including exercises inspired by the studio of comix artist Lynda Barry. Get your Jewish creative juices flowing!


This shiur was recorded at The Torah Studio on Feb 22, 2024.

    Your purchase includes a download of one zip file, which contains:

    1. The complete video recording of this shiur (.m4a file)
    2. The record of the live chat from the Zoom room during recording (.txt file)
    3. An audio-only version of the recording for easy listening (.mp4 file)
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