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Whether you drop into classes or purchase a class pass, our classes are on a sliding scale model where you choose how much you pay. Here are our price points and what it means to select that option. 

If you feel these classes are worth even more than we're charging, or you want to support without joining a class, consider donating! Donations would help cover our larger programmatic and personnel costs that allows us to actually commit to this work. 

If you're interested in learning with us all Quarter long and diving deeply into these texts in community, we recommend that you sign up for all 10 classes of a course now. This helps us plan our quarterly budget in advance - think of it as a Torah CSA! 


Learn more about sliding scale and where you might fall on this scale using this resource here! 


Choose this price point if finances have gotten in the way of too many Torah classes for you. This might mean you frequently stress about meeting basic needs, are unemployed, or have very limited expendable income. We offer this highly subsidized class option in the hopes that no one will be priced out of Torah. 


Choose this price point if finances are often a concern when you consider joining into Jewish space. This subsidized class pass option allows you to cover a majority of the class cost, but allows your community to help hold you up.  


This is our actual class cost.  If everyone was able to pay this price, we could afford to pay for all costs associated with a particular class (not including larger administrative or personal costs). This price point is for folks who are financially able to invest in their Jewish life, but sometimes avoid programs for financial reasons. Contextually, most Torah classes online cost twice this amount. Choose this prince point if it wouldn't harmfully affect your financial health and you want to support our work.


By paying $25 a class, still lower cost than most online Torah learning series of this length, you can support our organization and the learning of other students. Choose this prince point if you can financially access most or all Jewish community spaces and you want to help keep Torah Studio as accessible as possible.


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