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The Torah Studio is an accessible and inclusive learning space that encourages people to take ownership of our traditional Jewish texts. 

Having a relationship with Torah and creating a Torah study practice is an incredible way to build or strengthen your Jewish identity. Torah has been the link between hundreds of generations of Jewish peoples around the world. But for many people today it can feel like there are too many barriers to connecting with and learning Jewish texts. The Torah Studio was created to make starting, or returning to, Torah Study simple. 

The Torah Studio is a space for all Jews - no matter your background - to come together to learn Torah. Our classes are non-hierarchical because we believe that everyone's voices and experiences add to our learning and communal interpretation. We want to hear every voice, every idea, every feeling of anger or discomfort or joy, and honor it together. We promise to always keep working to make this a space where every Jewish person can feel like they truly belong and their ideas matter.

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