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Class Notes & Art by Ya'akov (@yaakov.akiva)

I don’t think it’s too much of an over statement to say that Torah Studio has changed my life for the better.


As someone who lives in a place with no synagogues and no Jewish community, having the opportunity to engage in Jewish study online with Torah Studio has been so enriching. The teachers create such a welcoming environment and make it easy to feel a part of the process, even if like me, you are socially anxious and find participating in groups challenging. Torah Studio make it ok to participate in a way that is authentic to anybody – I have the choice to speak up, type to communicate or just listen.


For the first time, I feel connected to a bunch of others who are wanting to deeply engage with Jewish texts and experiences through Torah Studio’s classes. I’m also loving making new friends via the Torah Studio Discord server. The learning and connections have meant that I feel way more connected to Jewish practices and get to share my celebrations of Jewish holidays with others.


I look forward to each class and know that the text learning and the experience of connection with other learners will always give me a new take on old ideas. There’s a kind of ‘afterglow’ that I have for 24 hours after each class, as the ideas percolate within me.


These are my people!

- Leia

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