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Torah Studio has spent the last four years developing ways of teaching Torah that welcome as many different voices and identities as possible into the room. We have worked hard to find models of teaching that empower learners to develop resilient relationships with Torah. We believe that strong and complex relationships with Torah allow learners to confront difficult texts with grace, to engage with folks across the Jewish world through the language of Torah, and to develop a Jewish identity rooted in text.


We would like to help you bring this kind of learning to your community or teachers. 

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Bring us to your organization

The Torah Studio makes learning and teaching Torah more joyful and exciting. We create the foundations for serious Jewish content and joyful Jewish communities to thrive. Let us share it with your community.


All of these options are available in person in Los Angeles or over Zoom! 



Hire Torah Studio to co-create your ideal teacher trainings or workshop for your team. Our trainings focus on community building and teacher empowerment through text studies, teaching tool workshops, and brainstorming sessions. All size and types of teams, including one on-one trainings. 

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Bring a Torah Studio teacher in to your next conference, teacher training, retreat... Anywhere you're trying to gather and learn Torah. We offer a variety of classes and sessions already prepared, but can also work with you to build your perfect session. 



Hire Torah Studio to consult on, co-create, or revamp your current curriculum. Our expertise is in Torah study, partnered learning practices, and artistic processing.  

I really loved the session on Torah and the reminder of how easy it can be to create your own text study. I have already practiced this since the retreat!
The Torah Studio session made me feel more confident in teaching Jewish concepts in a meaningful way. I’m excited to bring this to teens/others I work with in the future!
The program helped me feel more confident incorporating Torah into education and also taught me to consider peak moments
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