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Shabbat: Rituals of Rest



Meets on

Thursdays at 9am PT/12noon ET

About the Class

Shabbat lies at the heart of Jewish practice - it is a palace in time. Each week we can intentionally separate this day from the ones preceding it and in doing this, our sages tell us, we may taste the world to come. But how does one set aside time? How might we honor and observe Shabbat? One way we can develop a personal Shabbat practice is by learning and living the rituals that accompany this day. Together we will explore the rituals that create this container we carve into time. We’ll study the power of these practices and empower you to honor Shabbat in a way that feels authentic to you.

This class is for everyone–people with any or no Shabbat experience. No matter your background or personal practice, this class aims to deepen your individual relationship to the practice of sacred rest. Unlike other Torah Studio classes that set aside time for partnered learning, this class will be full-group discussions centered around Bluth’s curated ritual guides. Each session will be one hour long, with time for schmoozing and questions after class. Our goal is not for everyone’s observance to look the same–we want to nurture a Shabbat practice that works for you!

We invite you to join our community of learners as we all seek to discover or deepen the joy of Jewish practice. We hope to guide you to build weekly rituals that nourish you. Let’s sink into the liberatory pleasure of Shabbat!

  • April 4 - Why Rest & Welcoming Shabbat

  • April 11 - Sanctification and Holiness

  • April 18 - Passover

  • May 9 - Hands & Blessings

  • May 16 - Pleasure & Joy

  • May 23 - Gratitude & DIY Shabbat

  • May 30 - Reflect, Integrate, & Wisdom

  • June 6 - Abiding in Creation

  • June 20 - Workshop your own Shabbat

  • June 27 - Integration & Conclusion


Your Teacher

Rabbi Bluth

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Rabbi Bluth (she/her) runs a Jewish Creative Studio, dedicated to elevating, teaching, and beautifying Jewish Ritual. Always designing for meaning, she specializes in Ketubahs, art, and Jewish learning rooted in ritual, holidays, and the life cycle.

Bluth was ordained at Beit Midrash Har El. She’s spent much time traveling around the world connecting with devotional communities - weaving ancient tradition with contemporary experiences and connecting across cultures. She studied Buddhism and Environmental studies, and later founded Achvat Amim's Ruchani program for Israeli Palestinian peace and justice work, rooted in Jewish learning. She was trained as a Soferet (Hebrew Scribal Arts) by Rabbi Dov Laimon. Bluth teaches with Jewish Learning Collaborative and consults with At The Well. She also built the innovative curriculum for the School of Living Jewishly and is trained in interfaith dialogue with KAICIID and Religions for Peace. Bluth leads life cycle rituals and retreats around the world. She is currently based in Toronto and spends winters where the weather is warmer and she can be barefoot.

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