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Accepting the Mitzvahs

Accepting the Mitzvahs

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"Accepting the mitzvahs" (kabbalat mitzvot) is a common part of Jewish conversion. Where does it come from, and what does that teach us about what it means to become a Jew? Director of Online Learning Lexi Kohanski shares back to the community the learning she did on this topic at Hadar's most recent Halakha Intensive. Lexi is not a convert; she was just able to be in the room where this learning was offered, and she will be offering her knowledge back to the Torah Studio community in the spirit of empowering the people who are impacted by this topic directly. This shiur was recorded on June 21, 2023.

    Your purchase includes a download of one zip file, which contains:

    1. The complete video recording of this shiur (.m4a file)
    2. The slideshow presentation used for the shiur (.pdf file)
    3. A handout of key halakhic terms in conversion (.pdf file)
    4. The record of the live chat from the Zoom room during recording (.txt file)
    5. An audio-only version of the recording for easy listening (.mp4 file)
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