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Can Niddah Be Feminist?

Can Niddah Be Feminist?

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Where do we find the rules, or basis of Niddah in Torah? What does it mean to reinterpret those sections of text? Can a feminist queer reading of it make it a safe emotional experience for us today? Join Liana Wertman in opening up our discussion around Niddah through Torah & discussing how to navigate these conversations using the works of Rabbi Rachel Adler. This shiur was recorded on Oct 26, 2023 as part of the Fall 5784 Niddah Lecture Series.

    Your purchase includes a download of one zip file, which contains:

    1. The complete video recording of this shiur with captions (.m4a and .vtt files)
    2. The slideshow presentation used for the shiur (.pdf file)
    3. The record of the live chat from the Zoom room during recording (.txt file)
    4. An audio-only version of the recording for easy listening (.mp4 file)
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